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About Us

Palace of Braids is a leading brand in hair care and African braids. Our focus on customer satisfaction has gained us loyalty from our customers. At Palace of Braids, we are constantly learning and improving, to surpass the ordinary standards.

Our Vision

To transform the image of our clients through amazing natural hair styles

Our Mission

To provide unique and innovative natural hair styles for all our Stakeholders in a professional and customer-friendly environment.

Our Core Values

  • Integrity
  • Excellence
  • Customer Relationship

  • The Journey

    My name is Vivian, my friends call me “Elleviv” while my clients call me “Ms Pretty” The second nickname came as a result of the First African Hair Braiding Business I started which is called …….”Pretty Braids of Africa.” I was born in Africa, the Land of beautiful and pretty hair braiding hairstyles. 

    While growing up, I saw my mother and grandmother beautify themselves with amazing African hairstyles, which influenced me greatly to follow in their footsteps of not only learning how to do African Hairstyles on my own hair, but also doing them for other people. Hence the birth of “Pretty Braids of Africa”, which was the First Africa Hair Braiding Business I started. 

    Pretty Braids of Africa provides unique and afro-centric hair styles for the classy and stylish women and men from all around the globe. “Pretty Braids of Africa” gave birth to our second African Hair Braiding Business called “Palace of Braids.”

    Palace of Braids cares about the natural hair of people and seek to provide healthy hair braiding services for them. We provide our clients with hair braiding styles that help them grow, maintain, protect, and promote their natural hair.
    Our main focus at Palace of Braids is to fight against the damage of hair follicles, caused by some unhealthy hair braiding styles, which has the resultant effects of hair-loss and a receding hairline, through our provisions of healthy hair braiding styles.  There are some weavings and goddess cornrows services, which we don’t provide because they cause people’s hair parameters to recede, thereby doing a lot of damage to their hairline.
    At Palace of Braids, the health of our clients’ hair comes first. Please join us in this journey of promoting Healthy African Hair Braiding Styles for all lovers of gorgeous and elegant afro-centric hairstyles from the Motherland!
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