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One of the short-cuts to having a natural healthy and long hair is the discovery of hair porosity.

Porosity is the ability of our hair to absorb products, water, and moisture.

Low porosity hair doesn’t like products that have acid in them, and is also very repellant towards Products loaded with oil,…this is because, the oil just sits on the low porosity hair and will not allow it to rise.

Normal porosity hair is the ideal type because it absorbs products and stays healthy, as long as it’s not damaged by heat or chemical. However, this good type of hair porosity needs a lot of nourishment through constant use of leave-in conditioner and hair oil.

High Porosity hair requires a lot of maintenance because it’s been damaged by excessive heat, coloring, or chemical. Hair products like protein treatment, aloe vera, or leave- in conditioner helps this type of hair to resurrect from weakness, frizziness, and dryness.

When we discover our hair porosity type, through the simple method written below, then we have discovered the secret to a long & healthy hair. 

This is because when we know the type of hair porosity we have, then we can go ahead and feed our hair with the right type of hair food/product that our hair requires, which causes our  hair to thrive, glow, and grow … it’s like kinda feeding our bodies with the right types of food & veggies, for energy, growth, and vitality.

Here’s how to discover your hair porosity……..drop a strand of your hair into a cup with water, and if your hair stays on top of the water, it means you have Low Porosity, if your hair is in the middle of the water inside the cup…..then you have Normal porosity, and if your hair sinks into the bottom of the cup, then you have high Porosity.


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