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1) During a time of loss of job, break-up, divorce, or loss of any kind, our eating habit suffers greatly, which reflects on our hair, so eating healthy meals will help to normalize our emotional state and cause our dry, frizzy and flat hair to rebounce itself.

2) Drinking lots of water helps the hair to grow back. The benefits of drinking alkaline water can’t be overemphasized. Water regulates every organ of the body, and helps the body to get rid of toxins. The growth and offshoot of the hair follicles need the assistance of vitamins, nutrients and water to take place.

3) Taking a tablespoon of Flax Oil, Fish Oil, Olive Oil, or eating some coconuts once in a while cause the hair to grow fast. These Oil and Omega-3 Fatty Oil cause our hair to grow very well.

4) Making drastic changes in our hairstyle when we are emotionally down may not be the best time, let’s wait until we are in the right emotional state.

For example, before deciding to get that big chop, be sure that’s really what you want and not that you are doing it because of the way you are feeling right now.

5) Remember that this season too will pass. Our hair will bounce back as soon as we recover. 

NOTE: If you notice that you are still depressed after 4 weeks, please don’t hesitate to contact a Therapist/Psychologist or call some genuine and godly friends and family, that can show you love and kindness.

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